What happens when flies land on your food?

Flies have an interesting way of preparing their food. Unlike humans, flies are unable to eat solid food directly.

Instead, they have a unique method of softening it up. First, they vomit on the food, which helps to break it down and make it more manageable. Then, they use their tiny feet to stamp on the vomit, effectively turning it into a liquid consistency. During this process, they may inadvertently introduce some germs into the mixture. Once the food is sufficiently liquefied, the flies proceed to suck it all back into their mouths, potentially leaving behind some excrement as well. It’s quite a fascinating process to witness. However, once the flies have finished their meal, It’s your turn.

Way to protect your food

Keep unscreened doors and windows closed

Bag trash and garbage, tie bags closed

Keep trash and garbage cans covered

Keep cans and dumpsters clean

Good sanitation practices can control flies!!

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