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With spring upon us and all of the recent rain here lately, we all know what’s coming next WEEDS!

So with that in mind, there are several solutions for the homeowner: You can wait until they’re tall enough to pull and give that a try, but usually, the roots are left behind to grow back. Weed whackers are a little faster but give the same result, more weeds and maybe a little Backache too! Or, if you have a large property, you could devise some type of drag and groom the yard. This spreads the seeds for a future crop, and the dust created will make life miserable for the entire neighborhood. How about a trip to the home improvement store to buy sprays, sprayers, and a crash course in chemistry from the friendly “expert” in all things home related. Not only expensive, do you really want to spend the weekend like this? What is the best idea?

How about calling All-pro pest control?

In addition to providing quality pest solutions, we’re also experts in preventing and controlling your weed pests. Early season, we can apply a “pre-emergent material to stop the weeds before they even start. Already seeing unwanted greenery? We can make a treatment of a “post-emergent” herbicide, and before you know it, they’ll all be goners. And the service is more affordable than you might think. We can offer natural solutions, too, using organic materials to help in the fight. The folks at All-Pro have been providing weed and pest control services in the high desert areas, including Hesperia, Apple Valley, Victorville, Oak Hills, and other desert communities, since 1978! We’re fully licensed and insured, too, and always guarantee our work. In fact, we’re proud that we have a 98% record of repeat customers.

Call us today at (760) 242-2344 or visit our website www.highdesertbestpestcontrol.com and let’s get this scheduled!

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